You are my final destination. I saw people of different kinds and dealt with men of different types. Then, I met you and couldn’t find any will or reason to move any further. 


I always knew that I am complete yet there was something missing. I always had a feeling of something that should be with me, that will give a reason to my life. I found Music but I didn’t find the zeal to life. I completely ignored this feeling until when I felt completed when I met you. I keep feeling more completed as the time passes and bond deepens. 

Even when I try to satisfy my ego by trying to find someone better than you or convincing myself of otherwise than what I feel for you or how you make me feel, I know deep in my heart that I will always find peace in being by your side— yesterday, today and tomorrow. You make me feel alive which is a feeling I have run out of now after several failed attempts but I can’t be with you for these reasons because that will be a selfish behavior and I can’t do you wrong.

Final Destination

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