A Strange Serenity

You are like the fire. You light me up, give me warmth and light up the passion within me. With our combined radiance, we can travel many rough roads and find our way out of the lost routes in the night.

I can physically feel the heat and warmth within me. It is not just about passion. I want to take your hands in mine and surrender my ego and worries to you as I lay my head on them. You calm me down. You are the fire that gives warmth but calms me down simultaneously. You make me feel alive…..more than life does. 

You ignite life within me. I feel like a dead particle flowing through the brook but you show me that I am the rain of Meghalaya. You and only your aura can calm my fury within a fraction of second. You cannot ever tame or control me but I feel like living peacefully by your side willingly. You are a strange serenity.

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