I do not believe in happy endings. I haven’t seen them, not so much that I start to believe in them. Like others, hopelessness is an emotion too. Feel it until you can’t anymore.


I can’t suggest you to just put a smile on your face and keep going or to just deal with it because life needs to go on. I will not present the idealistic but realistic images to you.

I have experienced certain things though. I have noticed that there comes a time—sooner or later— when we get tired of what we are feeling. Feel it until you want to get rid of it.

You cannot just always be in love or sad or happy or angry or in pain. Emotions can be prolonged but other emotions do break the chain of thoughts related to one emotion in between.

Life is not a fairy tale. There is no happily ever after. Even the journey of self-love involves a lot of struggle and pain as we work on ourselves. The happy times, though, can be prolonged by positivity and work done on developing ourselves in various areas of our lives and happy endings are rather new beginnings of another journey. Life, like emotions, is rather wavy. Sometimes, the times are good and waves are high and other times, the waves are settled low. After all, all is not the same all the time.

Not The Same Everytime

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