All In A Moment

This is the third time that I have started falling in love with you. I have been acquainted with you since a few years but I feel as if I have just started to know you again, right from the beginning. We have had deep conversations yet I feel like they haven’t occurred as yet in my life. You seem intriguing to me. I still feel like I have known you all my life. You are not a stranger at all but not even an acquaintance or a friend.


This is strange but I am becoming more fascinated by you the busier you get. I love how you ignite the fire within me to live life, be in and enjoy every moment to the fullest. I am infatuated towards you. You are a mystery to me and I am attracted to mystery.

Time seems to never pass. It seems like all of this is happening in one moment, a moment which comprises of all the time. It feels like all of this is happening in a loop but each time with some major changes though the essence remains the same as before, like movement of time is an illusion. The only truth of this moment is that I adore you, more beyond all the worldly terms like time and society or even love can describe.

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