The Knight Against The Night

There, in the darkness, 

you can see her standing figure. 

The struggle to keep her pieces together

is clearly and visibly evident.

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If I move my body,
I move it for my pleasure.
I decide what is work
and what I believe is my leisure.
I decide upon sexuality
and what I see as sexual.
I decide whether I adhere
or reject the laws that are known to be universal.
In my life and in all my decisions, I am central.

All In The Head

“It’s all in your head”. Oh, yes, that is why my head hurts. My head is a world in itself. There is a tornado of thoughts. None of these are clear enough to discern or discuss. The chaos can be felt but not described. Even if I dig my hand in it, I can pick out no thought. I get entangled in the whirlwind instead and the cycle of thoughts and headaches intensifies, just like the physical pain. It is not “all” in my head though.

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