Everything you do, do it from a distance. Do not get attached. Love— from a distance. Earn— from a distance. A thing you should not do from a distance is to enjoy. Enjoy while being completely in the moment. Live that moment like it occurs once in a lifetime.


Another thing you should not do from a distance is to love yourself. This is a no-loss agreement and the reign is in your hands. Drive however you think will serve your self (not ego) the best.

Achieve your career goals and celebrate your accomplishments but do not get engrossed in the celebration as much as you forget that more challenges are to come. So, achieve, too, from a distance so that you do not get hurt when you have to part from this attachment.

Indulge in attachments from a distance and live your life fully. Get attached with your thoughts until they give you happiness. Once they start hurting you, start adoring them from a distance. Protect yourself.

From A Distance

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