Having to do something you don’t want to for longer period of time, being in an environment where you don’t feel vibrant, being around overtly or covertly negative people suck out all of your energy. Then, you don’t even have enough energy, courage or enthusiasm left to do things that you need (not want) for your being, your survival.


If you are a workaholic and logical person like me, you would know how wasted the day feels if you are unable to do anything due to the lack of energy that you are experiencing purely due to external factors and you can’t even join the dots to validate your thoughts which makes you think more, which consumes more of your mental energy, which makes you feel physically tired too and sucks up all of your energy and enthusiasm.

Even excuses to persist dry up after a certain point of time. You keep trying to be positive and one day, you break down completely. Then, your recovery takes more time, especially when you still can’t leave the environment that consumes you to start with and recovery, too, requires your energy which you can’t give and if you invest, the amount of energy will be minute and will be spent in bits.


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