Bye For Now

To my seemingly forever, 

maybe, we are not meant to stand together

firmly in this weather

or it may happen never ever. 


I love you as much as I did earlier 

but I can’t say if it will last forever

or will fade away as the time will pass.

I certainly am unable to forecast.


However, there is no resentment, 

in me towards whatever happened.

I am assuming it is a chapter finally shut

with no unresolved if or but.


I can only love two people dearly. 

The other is you, following me. 

I will always be my priority.

You will have to level up to be a part of my journey.


Maybe, I will think more clearly 

when I will be able to heal, 

when I will be away from what I need to leave.

Then, I will be able to take major decisions of my life.

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