I am turning off the faucet—the faucet from which my emotions related to romantic associations flow. I can’t afford to get hurt any more. It will cost my mental, emotional and sometimes, physical strength too.


For now, I have decided that this faucet will remain tightly closed, maybe even so tight that the flow will be jammed and dried altogether but I do not mind that. I am bothered by the emotional roller-coaster ride and especially, the terrible emotional pain I have deal with every now and then.

Now, I will become how I appear to be—cold, closed off and heartless and for some people who will try to take advantage of me or do me wrong, even deadly vengeful. I am already being consumed by this pain and whoever will try to add more to the fire or enjoy watching me burn will be burnt in the fire with me. I will spare none. I will become heartless, as it seems to be I am.

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