We always to want to fill in the blanks. What if it isn’t filled? Blank is nothing but a space. Instead of getting terrified by it, we can use this space to ponder over the journeys of our lives until that time. 


Society is structured in a way that it shows that everything can be divided. It can either be black or white but we live the reality. We know that there is red, blue, pink, green and much more that gets painted on the canvas. So, in this case, blank can be an opportunity to paint something altogether new. 

Blank can help our imagination run wild because there are no boundaries and structures that are already defined. So, it gives us a sense of control. Being blank is presented as a negative trait by the society but each individual that is a part of this society knows that blank is just an opportunity and is necessary for us to wind down and have a perspective of everything related to us.

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