Amazed At My Being

I kiss my left hand with the ring on the fourth finger and utter ‘I love you’ to myself. I am my own parent and partner and this ritual is necessary for me to remind myself of my divinity and humanity and truly, I do love myself and try to take the best care possible.


This is how I cherish my being. Many-a-times, I come across many of the pictures I clicked casually after almost a year and I am dumbstruck by my own beauty. I do not see myself as me at the time when I am admiring the pictures. It appears as if she is someone like me but maybe not me.

I am amazed at how do I manage to shine after having to fight throughout years and after facing dull situations. I am amazed that this is the same beauty that has been broken down by life many-a-times, who cries at night in bed and is forced by societal pressure to be happy because if she is not happy, her friends will remind her that they are losing their confidence on themselves because she is strong and if she is crying, then they too shall lose hope. 

That smile that shows my strength amazes me. I am not a warrior but a human but those pictures say that there may be something more in me than I acknowledge. Once, I heard my own voice on a recording, not aware that it was my voice and I couldn’t stop myself from enquiring about whose sweet voice was it? It is then that I realised that I was truly talented and I didn’t need to be under-confident to be humble and that appreciating my good while correcting my mistakes doesn’t make me a narcissistic person. Nevertheless, I continue to be amazed at me, my strengths, my perseverance and my growth.

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