A Job More Difficult

Re-parenting is a job tougher than parenting. Not because the reins are now in our hands but because we need to break all the dysfunctional thoughts, habits, patterns and overall lifestyle that we have learnt from the “should be” rule book. Breaking patterns is an extremely tiring job, consuming all of our energy. 


Re-learning and learning are not as difficult as unlearning. Unlearning shows you the difference between your old, toxic self which adheres to and functions according to the toxicity of the society and new, developing self approaches towards thoughts benefitting your core. 

Supporting is difficult than opposing. It is easy to be in the cycle of shaming oneself and criticising us for our mistakes because we have been taught so by the society we live in. It is difficult to accept that making mistakes is human and it is a part of learning and so it should be cherished. 

There is no balance or healthy lessons to learn from this society. More-often-than-not, it functions in a toxic manner. Sometimes, justice is not provided. Other times, individual rights and human duties are neglected. Those who are well-behaved and helpful often end up being trapped in the cycle of false allegations and are framed for something their morals never permitted them to commit. Mistakes are either severely punished or completely neglected where there is no type of learning whatsoever. (I am talking about mistakes, not crimes.) 

Each individual in our society needs to re-parent himself and herself. I cannot glorify re-parenting. I can’t comment if it is great or not. I can only say that it is tough. I cannot restructure society. I can present my views and even when I want to give up, I need to take a break and get back to my job of re-parenting myself because I cannot trust the parents of the previous generation whose parenting generates from unhappiness, pressure or compliance to “duties” and is operated with toxicity.

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