Whole In Her Being

Don’t forget to respect her.

She is the creator.

She can be the manipulator

but leaves space for him to function.


She is, therefore, he is.

Without her, there will be none of him.

She, hence, creates them.

You need to adhere to what she says.


You need to function, anyway,

under her control.

There would have been no patriarchy if

she wouldn’t had let the system be so.


She doesn’t need to fight

or assert her rights.

She doesn’t believe in dominance.

Hence, she wants the society to be egalitarian.


No roles of society

hold the authority

to provide authenticity

to her entity.


She blesses you by not being aggressive

which she naturally is

because she knows you can’t handle her wrath.

She knows she doesn’t need to prove her worth.

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