An Act Of Bravery

Being oneself is considered an act of bravery nowadays. The actual ‘should be’s that we want to follow as a person liable to oneself are buried under the false ‘should be’s of the society which wants to feed its ego. Even the ways which our intuition refuses to follow if we listen to it are considered correct as long as they serve our purpose.


Being me is just the act of practicing who I am innately. We often veil ourselves with a false self that fits in the society to protect ourselves from the eyes hunting for a mistake that we commit because we want to prevent ourselves from feeling ashamed of ourselves due to the outer forces. We don’t want to give ourselves a reason to be ashamed so we don’t want the society to complain to us about being ourselves. We fear not them but our ideals. 

These ideals and standards, though, find their sources from the functioning of the society we live in. Both the images of ourselves are, therefore, codependent. We need to break free from this codependency on these standards of society—of being in adherence to or against those—to completely be ourselves and that demands effort. I think, hence, being oneself is considered an act of bravery by some of us.

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