Within The Line


We realise that we did enough only when we do more than enough. Our limits seem to be unknown and we seem unknown to our limits. Maybe, there are no limits. Maybe, there are just rules. Maybe, enough is calculative and subjective to everyone.


Since we have experienced it, we know that there is a point that we consider enough. It is only that the boundaries of this enough can be flexible. Shall they be flexible though? The line in ‘staying within the line’ may shift or change in shape and size as per the situation. For me, it depends on the person and situation being considered to be taken the decision in.

So, is it the brain or the mind that judges? How do we know that our decision is correct? As irrational as it may sound, I just know the answer. I understand from the vibes I catch. I start thinking rationally. The approval of my intuition is final.



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