Understanding Love

I don’t understand love. I have written about it two years ago yet I can’t determine one of its definitions to be perfect. In the terms of the philosophies describing love, I believe in ‘to each, its own.’


I have fallen in love yet if someone asks me to describe it, I fall short of words. I can write about my beloved but can’t exactly explain how does it feel to be in love in words.

Is it comfort? Is it embracing? Does it limit itself? Is it complete trust or a little bit of jealousy is necessary? Is it to hold close or to let go? I don’t know or maybe, I do but I just can’t explain right now.

Then, there are many types of love which we share with different groups of people. The love we share with friends, family, confidante, partner, teacher, student, a stranger, an animal, a moment, a memory are all different.

Everyone has been exploring and presenting their ideas of love through various mediums of art since ages. It has been spread in texts and televisions yet one concrete answer still remains undiscovered. It is a rather subjective than as common a topic as it seems.

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