Dropping My Guard?

I am afraid. 

Please embrace 

me in your arms

and make me feel safe.


Let’s talk about something good.

Something that you think we should

base our conversation on.

Something we can laugh upon. 


Tell me it is safe to vest

my complete faith and trust,

without any doubt, on you.

Support me in being raw, will you?


Scold me when I do you wrong

but not in a manner so strong

that will hurt my emotions

or hinder my actions towards you henceforth.


Show that you care

if I don’t care 

about being myself

or doing everything for my best.


Don’t be so cold. 

Don’t follow the old

stereotypes of strength.

Behave unconventional, like a true gentleman


because that is who you are.

I want to be your provider

but for the time being, 

I want you to provide for me.


I am telling you as clearly

as I can, through my words,

that this is what I need.

Solidify that it is you who I can trust.



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