A Better Day

Today is a better day. I am trying to get back to following the routine that I have to. When I woke up, I decided that I will think healthy and good.


Today, I am believing that I never had any disease and the medication I take is just to add to my energy rather than sucking it out of me.

I am able to get out of bed without as much effort as before today. I was able to sleep peacefully  yesterday because I was listening to Reiki Music. My day began with Music too since I revised two ragas by humming them on my way to the metro station. I kept reassuring myself of the best consequences of the situations in my life.

My mind is calmer. I am able to observe situations and people in my environment. I am able to think and write. This day is, indeed, a day to celebrate because I could break the pattern of a day full of low energy.

Everything is not resolved and I don’t feel the best so it is not the best day but it is better than before. I still feel sleepy and don’t find any motivation whatsoever but some things have improved and I think that they should be celebrated since they are making me feel better. I feel good that I am feeling normal again.

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