Coursed By Art

I used to create a lot of designs when I was younger. The last few pages of my school diary used to be filled with the designs I scribbled impromptu. In fact, once I had a rangoli competition and I forgot to design it especially for the purpose of winning when the designs drawn in my diary came to my rescue. Starting from traditional shapes, I gradually creates designs in triangles, stars and quadrilaterals. Their sizes varied too. Many-a-times, the designs larger in size occupied the whole page. My schoolmates knew about my interest and adored my designs.


I wrote Hindi poetry since childhood. I wrote my first mature poem in Hindi when I was 12. I still write them. Previous year, writing Hindi poetry helped me in moving on as I wrote at least 10-12 of them to purge the unaddressed emotions after breakup. I started writing poetry in English after I started blogging.

I am fascinated by Music (still am equally, rather more) before I learnt how to talk properly. I used to dance while listening to Music as a toddler but I don’t know how to dance whatsoever. I participated in an event of lezim dance once but I am unable to dance casually.

Consciously or unconsciously, I course my life by art. The people I connect with, my major life decisions, even the choice of my potential partner is heavily affected by art. I am able to practice some arts, refining myself further in others and a lot of arts remain unexplored or are not practiced enough by me now. It helped me in facing adversity, allowed purging and find a purpose to live nevertheless. It has turned me into a creator. 

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