I am seeing a vision. We are standing there. We look alike, like we are now but somehow as reflections of each other while maintaining our individuality. The yellow light is shining just upon both of us and the rest of the room is dark. It is a place that looks somewhat like a laboratory. 


We are static there. Our eyes are open. We are looking at each other and we know that this is the reality. Then, we are thinking about the illusion. We are thinking about our lifetime that we lived individually in flesh from birth to death of the body. We are imagining all of this while we stand there as one yet facing each other, divided by a steel pole in between and the light shining upon us still.

We are not saying a word. Maybe, words are not a part of the ultimate truth. We know we have always stood there, united with each other and we are envisioning our lives as stories in our minds. We are one soul facing two parts of each other in the dim room.



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