I won’t chase you. 

I don’t need to

because your presence

is always with me in essence.


It may seem hard to believe 

but I am at peace

even if I don’t confess what I feel

and keep it all inside


because these feelings are mine,

even if they are about you,

so I will decide when and how to

or whether even to confess them at my time.


We have to issues to deal with.

So, you may run from me

as much as you feel like.

It won’t harm my peace.


However, I won’t say

that this has changed

what I felt towards you then. 

I love you nevertheless.


I am not stuck on you

or waiting for you.

My love for you 

remains unaffected from what we do.


I feel more at peace than ever

when I know that I may never

even talk to you in my lifetime.

My love for you belongs to me.


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