Don’t listen to your detrimental “friends”. Consider if they really are your friends in the first place. I have learnt that which kind of people who you meet are not your friends.


The people who provoke you against the genuine and logically understandable argument of your parents of denying you to accompany them in their party are detrimental. Your parents may be toxic but sometimes, what they say may also be correct if considered in some situations. If your friends are warning you that you should go against healthy advice to accompany them or you will lose their friendship, you better choose the latter because if they really considered you to be your friend, they will understand your situation rather than putting you in conflicting situations.

The people who want to receive help from you all the time, even if it puts you in situations which will trouble you and never in any sense will lead to your growth, are not your friends. If they only accept the positive and fun aspect of you and cannot stand beside you while you struggle, even if they are not in a position to help, they are not your friends.

The people who force their opinions on you, but rather in a subtle way, are not your friends. Motivating you and pushing you forward to take an important decision is an altogether different and healthy act. Healthy discussions and seeing other realities except yours are also healthy acts of good friends but you need to be extremely careful. If they are advising you to settle for what you know intuitively that you don’t deserve, they are not your friends.

The friends who can’t discuss your problems and even if not solve them, not even let you solve your problems by promoting escapism are not your friends. Though, the friends who shift your concentration from a problem that cannot be resolved at the moment to your priorities in life and towards your betterment in all senses is a friend. Those who push you back towards your past to criticise you and oppose your growth and efforts of improvement are not your friends.

Friends are not just to celebrate with. You should be able to stand together with compassion in good and bad times alike. You should be able to share where you lack and they should be there to support important life decisions you take that are good for your mental and physical health. We all know who are our friends. We should be careful of who are not.

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