We don’t need to unite. 

We are one since ever. 

There is no separation

that intrudes between us. 


The more I am with me, 

the more I am with you,

so I don’t think there is any need to

justify any jealousy, fear or insecurity.


I think we know it

that is why we are at peace. 

There is a realisation though

that I want to share with you. 


What else do we do anyways

whenever our conversations take place? 

Don’t we always, without any shame,

discuss our individual mind frames? 


We share our values.

We don’t need to agree to

whatever we say.

We do not need to be exactly the same.


I love this unity

yet the space that we have in between

that allows us to breathe freely

and further strengthens our bonding


and provides us with

the opportunities

of growing and a perspective 

of the other side.






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