Market is not limited to economy nowadays. Humankind has become a market where we try to sell our ideas bought by others. Sometimes, we circulate propagandas. In this sense, market never limited its effects to economy.


We have developed a gross habit of evaluating everything, even morals and ethics, with money. Money is ruling over our mind and through it, throughout our body. Money is good and important but it should not be a controlling factor that affects the morals that an individual associates herself with.

We need to step out of the market mindset that we have developed regarding everything. Some moments, our satisfaction, happiness and other basic values that we inhibit are priceless. We should at least try to invest inside than outside.

I can’t say if we can or cannot buy happiness but I have experienced that peace is not directly obtained through money, even if accessing the object of our peace requires it. Our mindset should shift from money to peace, happiness and satisfaction. I think that we should seek them instead.


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