Are you willing to listen and empathise with my pain without making it seem that you are liable to know it nevertheless? Will you be able to respect my complete courage, space and choice to not tell others things about my life because I choose them to be limited to me? 


Can you put your male ego aside and listen with no opinions, just for the sake of listening? Will you let my past remain where it is without making me feel guilty about not sharing it with you?

I don’t need you. I never did. My life is mine nevertheless. I am here for me. I am living apart from you as I always did. If you can be clear about your intentions and show me that you desire to involve me in your life journey, you are welcome but if you planning to test or play mind games with me, you better leave me. I want clarity throughout, in words and actions, with no space of guessing things. It should either be consistent or non-existent.

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