Go Crazy

Craziness, to me, is a weird idea because I believe that everyone, here, is some kind of crazy. It is an idea against the ideals of the society that the ‘crazy’ people live in. I have a lot of queries regarding these ideals. To me, the society where I live in currently is crazy.


I have read the stories of people ‘coming out’. Why do they need to hide in the first place? Why to give their perpetrator so much power over them? Why is one’s sexual orientation a discovery? Why do our ideals need to be shared to the society for acceptance and validation? Who are they to determine the parameters of the same? Why can’t we change the norms to fit into our idea of acceptance and love, propagated as ‘craziness’ by the society we live in currently? 

Why is asserting one sexual identity, especially if one belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community, considered an act of bravery? What do we need the validation for? I have observed that the more a person is authentic and connected to oneself and away from the negativity that society tries to induce into her so that it can feed on her insecurities, the more cut off or different or strange or unique or crazy that person becomes for the society. I think, then, it is better to go crazy. With the new year, why can’t we leave behind the idea of negatively labeling everything? I believe, all of us should embrace our craziness if it doesn’t harm any other person in any manner and is directed towards self-love and not narcissism.

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