An Unnecessary Societal Hyperbole

Potency, in my opinion, is another way created by the society to wrongly judge a person. It takes away the right to feel motherhood or fatherhood by the person who is medically proved to be impotent. It is society’s method to feed on individuals’ fear. It, as I think it to be, is a negative hyperbole.


I think that the feelings of parenthood has nothing to do with potency. Society limits the definition of a parent to the ones who give birth to their offsprings. The society that we live in currently functions from the sense of insecurity which it tries to inject in all the individuals. 

An artist, to me, is always potent because she gives birth to ideas and creations. She experiences parenthood in this sense. This potency cannot be invalidated.

Society, now, should upgrade itself and break these parameters of judging a person and stooping so low as to point out a personal trait of an individual as an incapacity until she loses her sense of self-worth. The only people who are impotent in my opinion are the ones who are unable to generate and propagate positive ideas around the society and keep poisoning it with their toxicity. We need to leave this lack mentality behind with the onset of new year.


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