Do It Anyway

I never know if I will get the results I want in the end, I try anyway. I never know whether whatever I write will be read by any one person or if it will reach the kind of readers I wrote it for or if this career of blogging will even sustain any further, I write, publish and share it anyway. 


I am terribly afraid of being left and cheated on again. I love anyway. I may not confess it to him or may not come in a relationship with him ever but I love, think, dream and write about him anyway. I am cautious yet courageous enough to open my heart to romantic possibilities, even if it is limited to affection or crushing. 

There is always a risk to everything. Actually, we are all taking a risk. Life is uncertain. We are living anyway though while being cautious at the same time. We can do so with everything else that it offers or contains within itself. I do things and I don’t regret it later. I either learn something or connect more with myself. The extent and application of caution may vary according to the person and the situation to be handled but I believe everyone should anyways try doing everything that does not harm anything or anyone, even if it involves some amount of risk.



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