Humour seems interesting to me. The people who practice it, how they find the will to laugh and make others laugh in tough and trying situations.


I don’t know whether they are strong or not. Maybe, they are compassionate and caring rather because they want others to be happy and not be affected by their grief.

In therapy, though, sarcasm and humour are seen as a coping mechanisms, more like problems in eradicating the roots of the cause of attending therapy because sarcastic humour acts as a veil for other emotions. 

Anger is similar to humour in this case. My therapist explained to me once that anger is rather the manifestation of some other emotion that needs to be expressed by us because I get too angry quite often, so often that it has become my personality trait.

Anger is my defense mechanism. It has always been so. The problem with anger is, though, that nobody wishes to see the emotion beyond it. From this point of view, humour seems better than anger for venting.


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