There was a horse-man who lived with ease.

He was skilled in archery. 

His body stood straight 

and he turned around to face


his target in front of his eyes.

He stretched the string of his bow tight

and shot his arrow to hit

his target in its mid.


He was keen to idealise.

He lived in house number nine

where there was written four

and an eagle was drawn on the door.


He stood high 

among all likewise, 

like his house on the mountain

from where he monitored all of them


who lived on the Earth.

He was not egotist

but thought himself to the highest

until he met her.


A mermaid-goat

wandering on the roads

in the forest

stopped when her eyes met


the creature as unique as her.

They conversed later 

and together they decided 

that they shall be united. 


She was so strong

that the horse-man could not

compete with her strength

or could come near it despite several attempts.


They served

and protected 

other beings 

of the Earth


but conversed when

they were alone together

about numerous things 

of the world.


She was the reason of his existence.

They were complete in themselves.

Hence, they enjoyed their togetherness.

They lived with peace and harmony forever.






The Horse-Man And the Mermaid-Goat

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