Society has a tendency to mistake and present our strengths as our weaknesses and sometimes, even weaknesses as our strengths.


It presents toxic behavior as toxic masculinity and power and kindness and bluntness as weakness. It present holding emotions in as strength and purging as weakness.

It despises the show of love. It doesn’t encourage helping without a cause. It always adds selfish interests with larger deeds to be done, which otherwise can be very helpful in propagating positivity if it is popularised in the right manner.

It doesn’t count slow and healthy growth as progress but claps for the one who may hurt themselves in the process because then, that person is automatically struggling more. It works on the act of showing off.

So, if you go by the toxic rules of the society we live in presently, you will always lack something. It is now upon you whether you want to live your life with the lack mindset or that of acceptance and growth.

The Choice Is Yours

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