I will keep all that belonged to 2019 in this year and start afresh in 2020. It is of course a new year and a new decade but even if I have to leave my habit of perfection, I want to feel it with complete intensity for one last time. 


For that, I need to achieve my goals. For that, I need to persevere till the last second of today. For that, I need to think beyond my barriers. For that, I need to look more on the positive side than the negative and for that, I need to leave my idea of perfectionism. 

So, you see, everything is arranged in a loop. It may or may not happen. I can believe that it will but I can declare it with certainty. It is as much a mystery to me as to you. Let’s see to what extent will my creativity expand today. Let’s see if I will have the energy enough to achieve my goals and if I did, to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Let’s see if this loop manifests itself or do I have to leave it with this year.

Leaving The Loop

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