I do not agree that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” To me, it is a statement reflecting dependency. To me, beauty rests within you even if the beholder can’t see it. It is important for you to see it, not for the beholder.


It is interesting how many quotes reflect unhealthy behaviors such as dependency on others for validation of our beauty and we have included them not only in our writing but our speech too.

It is also unhealthy as a response. It somehow discards or shames the different opinion of the other person. It is a statement that can be said as both negative criticism and appreciation in different ways but the latter is hardly implemented ever.

I think, with the onset of the new year, we need to reconsider many such statements and leave them in 2019 because they are really toxic  to the wellbeing of our self-esteem. Even if we agree to it, the only beholder whose opinion should matter in matters concerning us should be ourselves.

Beauty Is Not In The Eyes Of The Beholder

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