Many say, life is beautiful. At least, I have heard people say that to motivate me and others. I think, like writers, people have a tendency to present everything as beautiful to hide its truth.


The so-called spiritual ‘gurus’ glamorise awakening as something extremely beautiful and enjoyable but I have been through it numerous and it is plainly ugly. Yes, I leads to our growth but growth is never easy and acceptable in the first stance.

What I know is truth is nothing but one that can be evidenced and not proven wrong by any method, either theoretically or through practical experience, which doesn’t alter by perspectives. Intuition is truth.

From the point that I am seeing life, there is nothing or a lot in it to look forward to. I don’t think it is beautiful but I have tried giving it chances and it, surely, is worthy of that. I can’t say what life is but from where I see it, it is not wholly beautiful but there sure are moments, points and opportunities in it that can be said to be beautiful.

It Ain’t Beautiful

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