I know I am amazing. Honestly, I am a mystery to myself because I have more knowledge than I can list or describe about and I don’t know when I learnt them but then, there are some ‘obvious’ questions and answers which I have no idea of. I have more than one talents since my birth and I feel good about that because it is a privilege I have. Money is amazing but I never considered it to be a privilege as precious as being positive towards oneself. 


I like that I am resilient, even apart from the people who support me. I am thankful for them but I believe resilience has been a part of my personality because I constantly have to deal with some or the other issue since my birth. I am not as grateful for my birth though, no matter how hard the process had been. I never felt grateful that I was born but always because of what all I possess now that I live or survive in the least.

I am a manifestation of beauty for me and I do not care if you disagree. Well, everyone who doesn’t do bad to anyone else on purpose or persistently is beautiful to me. I love seeing myself breaking my own mental and physical barriers to get more aware of everything in and around me. I love to see myself hussle to use the best of my abilities effectively and efficiently. I love being positive about myself and being able to shrug off the negative criticism. I try to learn something from healthy criticism and each learning source around me.

I feel good when someone else can see the beauty of or is able to connect with something that I create. I love my ability to create. I think that I lost many toxic people in my life so that I can find, understand and stay with myself forever since. I think this is enlightenment. It is not a very heavy term to create theories and conduct studies on. I think enlightenment is knowing all of you and being able to use all of your powers effectively and efficiently.

I Like Me

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