I move away from you and just then, everything around me directs me to return to you. Numbers, symbols, signs and sometimes, even people—directly or indirectly—indicate that I should consider my life with you in some or the other way. 

They say I can trust you. I think I can trust you but there is a fear in me. I want to leave this aspect of my past but I am unable to. I don’t want you to wait for me. I want to be sure at all times that I can tell all about you and our relationship to anybody, especially my family, without any hesitation. I know they will love you more than me.

I know that I am not treating you right at present. The situation is such that I can’t treat you as my priority even if I want to. I can’t give you the best. I am in the process of creating the best that I can provide you with. The angels don’t seem to understand me. I hope, at least, you will.

I Hope You Understand

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