One that doesn’t let you sleep and if it does, you dream about actively or passively. It will be a part of your dream or your dream will be be based on and driven by it. When you will wake up, all of your ultimate places to be in will be directed or based on it. People will identify you by it and if you are ambitious enough, it may also be known by you.


All of your plans and suggestions will be directed towards it, immediately or in the long run. It will be your reason and force to live. It will show in your actions, vocabulary and thoughts. It will consume you and you will love to see so much of your potential brought out by it.

It will become a major part of your journey of life. It will be a major goal which you will want to achieve more in once you have achieved its overall goal. You won’t feel tired or worked out while working towards achieving it except the moments when you would like to rest to rejuvenate. There will be moments when you question all of it but despite those doubts, you will want to be connected to it. That will not be because of habit but a pull, an unknown reason, because it will be your ambition.


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