Right now, I may not be where I want to be but I am also not where I was. This is growth. I have outgrown many habits, people and situations who don’t serve me. If not, I have set boundaries with them and these boundaries will strengthen henceforth.


Though at a slower pace, I am moving. I am not stuck at one place or phase in my life. This year went by in phases where each phase marked something important. 

I had to cut off from my friend of four years because he was disturbing my personal space and his pessimism was adding to the deterioration of my mental health. Though, I should have done it earlier but this year, I could finally remove him from my life for my better.

I went through several and continuous spiritual awakenings. It was very painful but I feel like I have been reborn at least three to four times already. I became more aware and my intuition and judgement skills enhanced.

I learnt that I have immense love within me to share. I also realised my strength and my journey of self-love elevated by many levels. I questioned and changed many negative belief systems that had become my habit. I could see myself persevere more than grieve and complain. 

The most beautiful thing I learnt was how to express every emotion through the help of art. I finally started my therapeutic journey. I faced a lot of panic attacks which felt like death and were worse than spiritual awakenings, which made me wail with pain. Yet, even if in bits, I was able to regain my control over many aspects of my life.

I cut myself off completely from my family though they still affect me. I learnt about many aspects of myself. I learnt to become my own parent. My perspective shifted a bit from blaming and guilt to gratitude and satisfaction. This year, therefore, was certainly a year filled with alterations of many kinds.


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