Good morning. Now that you are awake, take a minute and just sit wherever you are. Think something positive. It is not necessary to smile but you can if you feel like. 


Now say to yourself, “Today, I will do everything efficiently, with ease and without any stress.” Then say, “My goals don’t define me. I am worthy even if I am unproductive.”

Then say, “I will not tolerate inhuman behavior directed towards me as a punishment of not being able to do any work as desired, in case such a situation occurs. I will not let my job take control of me.”

This is not meditation. These are simple affirmations. We don’t even realise but we let our lack mindset regulate the rest of our personality and through it, our lives. It may not change our lives but we can try being positive if we have always been negative. It worked for me many-a-times. It may work for you too. 

Affirm Positively

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