Blogging has affected my life in a major way. I have become more observant and thoughtful about things around me. I am able to keep a track of my emotions due to blogging. It helps me purge whatever goes through in my mind.


It becomes a reason and a method for socialising for me most of the times. It helps me in providing me with the parameters to analyse myself. At times, my doubts get resolved when I write. So, it aids me in eliminating or diminishing the effect of self-doubt.

Watching myself achieve goals makes me amaze on my potential. It is like a respite that has no obligation to follow it because I had always done it or because I put in decades into it. It releases the pressure on my mind.

It had always been there for me but never before did I pay attention to how I could utilise it to the best of my interests. It is certainly not my passion but the dearest hobby that I think I practice. It has proved to be a blessing for my mental health.

It gives me the privacy I wish for while being publicly available to read. I can vent out whatever emotions I feel or the thoughts I have or my problems and the  choose to not share it on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram where I may have to deal with unnecessary arguments with toxic people.

Yet, when I question whether what I am writing deserves to be written or not and some reader empathises with me, I get a sense of confidence over my art. I don’t need validation at all times but getting some support when I am feeling down helps a lot. So, in all the ways, blogging has proved to be a blessing in disguise for me.

A Blessing In Disguise

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