Right now, if you ask any question from me, the answer will be “I don’t know”. Am I okay? I don’t know. What do I want? I don’t know. Why do I exactly not like about whatever or whoever I despise? I can’t really point on one particular reason for it. 


What exactly is happening? Why am I feeling what I am feeling? Why am I restless? Or am I numb? Why am I writing this even? I have no concrete responses to them. I can’t even think of ‘maybe’s in this moment. I think that I am my mind is clouded by uncertainty.

I am restless for a new beginning that I am awaiting desperately but it brings with it a lot of doubts, questions and anxiety that I am feeling right now. Yet, there is something that I want but I can’t figure out what. I am choking. I need to breathe.

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