Sometimes, it is necessary to let it all out. You can’t always hold everything inside you all the time. It makes you hollow, numb and confused from inside. Catharsis is very essential. 


Internal emotional pain is like a termite which eats your vitality up and leaves you empty and fragile enough to shatter by a even a gentle touch. You are your home. Emotional pain makes your home damp and eventually breaks your strength down.

There are many ways of catharsis. Art is the most beautiful of them all. Therapy is another. They provide you with the cathartic approach and space to discuss or think about the source of whatever comes in your mind. Art, too, like therapy, resolves your problems at times and if not, it makes you feel better and even if not that, that you are heard or have a space to express. We need to find ours and let it all out. 

Let It Out

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