I believe, a child is a child. She or he has the same innocence. Children, regardless of whether or not you borne them, are born as a clean slate. They are separate individuals but we can provide them with ingredients to learn that will help them to face themselves proudly. That is all we can and should do.


I think an adopted baby is just as beautiful. I have casually conversed to some people about adoption and I inferred that people prefer a child they borne over an adopted child. That’s ok. Similarly, I regard each child—borne or adopted—with equal affection. 

Every child I see seems beautiful to me. Maybe, I have a lot of motherly affection within me. They are just cute, especially if they are not regulated to ‘behave’, if we let them be naughty. If we don’t let the child be like themselves, what do we infer when we advice others or want to feel ‘like a child’? 

Innocence Personified

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