I am asked to forgive or preached by people around me many times that one who forgives is the highest of all human beings. I disagree completely. I don’t want to become the greatest. I want to feel peaceful. Forgiving someone when I still feel hurt is honestly a form of self-sabotage. It takes away my peace. Also, it gives out the message to the other person that they can keel hurting me and asked for forgiveness later. People start taking me for granted.


Don’t forgive if you don’t want to. Don’t force yourself into forgiving somebody. It doesn’t make you great. You won’t feel better that way. Even if it is your profession that offers many occasions where you can get hurt, it is completely your choice whether you really want to forgive or not.

I believe that forgiveness is an automatic emotion. You just know when their mistake or wrongdoing doesn’t affect you anymore. Then, you forgive them automatically or maybe, you don’t because there is no forgiveness for crimes and they wronged you. 

Not forgiving someone because you don’t feel like doing that doesn’t make you an apathetic, too cold or a bad person. Similarly, forgiving someone doesn’t make you a saint. Forgiveness is more about how it makes you feel than how it makes the person who is asking for forgiveness feel.


Don’t Force Forgiveness

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