I am not at rest. I need my own house and money but I don’t have a paying job for that. The jobs I find are fraud. I know I have potential. I have even written and published my book this year. I am seeing no progress towards complete independence in my life and that is making me feel very uneasy.


I am not sure in which direction is my life headed to. Where will I be next year on this date? What will I be doing? Will I be happy and satisfied? Will the issues in my life resolve until then? If yes, then how? If not, then what will the outcome be? Will I have more clarity about my desires, ambitions and my life than I have now?

I am not even sure about which career will I be pursuing or if I will be earning. If I will, then how will I be earning money? How will I get there? If not, then what will I be doing? What position will I be in? I am wondering if everything will turn alright and if it will, how? Will I be in a happy and desirable relationship then, when my life will be much more settled and I will be clearer and happier about it than now? These questions have left me in a state of unrest.

A State Of Unrest

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