This year has been a roller-coaster ride for me, rather a combination of them. I explored myself in the aspects of spirituality, understood and learnt many aspects of myself and experienced death and rebirth countless times. I saw myself having some sort of control over my life and getting a few answers to the questions that I have heard.


It has been a year full of anxiety and pain but also a year full of lessons of self-love and the possibility and practice of being detached with anyone or anything—person or outcome. I connected more to myself and I started to seek more within me. I felt everything in extremities and a lot of facts about a lot of kinds of journeys were revealed to me.

This year tried to teach me to cherish emotions and try to keep them in balance with practicality. I learnt about numbers, synchronicities, energies— all that is Science, just like Music, but which doesn’t make sense until you experience it. I learnt about the power of belief, especially about vesting it completely on myself. There was a new beginning towards my education in Music.

Some days were too calm. During some months, I was either numb or overwhelmed with panic attacks and anxiety. During the last months, I experienced more feelings and symptoms of depression. Then, a few irritating days were too stormy to handle anything effectively, which forced me to think about giving up on everything, which I am currently experiencing. I hope I will be more relaxed and organised in the year approaching me.


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Roller-Coaster Ride

2 thoughts on “Roller-Coaster Ride

  1. I feel this so hard <3
    Sending you love and hugs and lots of strength in the new year to come. May things be calmer, anxiety be lower and life be more splendid. You survived one hell of a year, think of how strong you are.

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