I have to keep going. 

I have to keep writing. 

I have to keep singing. 

I need to keep practicing. 


I just can’t stop.

At least, not now. 

I am not pondering over how

will I get to the top


but I need something major,

maybe a change so new

that it feels like a breakthrough. 

I need to feel upgraded in my career.


I feel so close

to my immediate goal

that I won’t give up,

no matter what.


The change I wish to see 

will be brought by me.

By practicing and honing my skills, 

I will be able to pay my own bills. 


I won’t and I can’t

want to stop right here, 

when my destination is pretty near

from where I currently stand.


I will be my own Santa Claus

on and beyond this occasion of Christmas.

I will work on my flaws

and fulfill all my needs and wishes.




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