I feel it. 

Something has changed right at this moment.

Something is coming.

It is somewhat like a new beginning.


I feel it. 

There has been a shift

in the spiritual realm

within these few minutes. 


I don’t know what it is

and have no idea about what it can be

but I want to know that, really.

I want to know about this energy.


I want it to be clear

what is the message that it wants to deliver.

What is it that is hidden

and about which I should be aware? 


I never felt it before the last year

when I started to become aware

of many of the aspects of spirituality

that has no connection with religiosity.


It is something for sure.

Does it only intend to lure? 

Is it something that I allure

or another pain that I will have to endure? 


My emotional pain is testing my endurance.

I have no answers

but a list of questions

with no solutions.


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