Music keeps my body and life moving. I lose count of the number of rounds I take and hardly take notice if I am feeling cold or tired when I keep singing while I am walking in rounds.


I am humming different notes of different ragas right now. Yet, I feel that I haven’t sung or heard them enough. I have thought about giving up on my life countless times but my concern about my hard work and career in Music since ever prevents me.

For me, Music is magic. It is divine. I was acquainted to humming and enjoying Music through dance before I was acquainted to speaking proper words and sentences or the activities like walking and playing. I feel accepted by Music. I feel at home when I am connected to it.

It makes me feel alive. It brings the contents of my psyche to the surface. Therefore, sometimes I feel vulnerable while listening to some songs or by the aura created when I am singing some ragas. Yet, I feel protected enough to explore, feel and express my emotions without any judgements.

I can never express enough gratitude for my deep and understanding connection with Music. People have even passed comments regarding my connection to Music to humiliate me but honestly, I consider even that to be an honour because it connects me to Music. For me, it is an honourable association.

An Honourable Association

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