I realised this week that I love you but I can’t decipher how should I tell you that. The last time we conversed, you tried to make me confess my love for you but I really thought that I liked you so much because of the intense spiritual connection that we share. 


I immediately felt sorry and an urge to talk to you the moment I realised this. I do not know yet what the outcome of it will be but I still want to confess that to you. I wasn’t sure if what I feel for you beyond this connection is love. Therefore, I refrained from confessing to you. 

I just want to hear your voice, sense your expression and feel your presence, even if you can’t be in front of me right now. I have told you everything—about how and what do I feel and what have I dreamt about you—except that I love you.

I won’t share this letter with you because we aren’t talking right now but I sincerely hope secretly that this letter finds you somehow. I am sorry if I hurt you in any way. Believe me, I never wish to do that. I will rather distance myself from you than to inflict hurt on you.

I hope that you will call me because I am feeling like a passionate lover of my beloved. I do not really know how and what will I say. I am terribly afraid because I am concerned about the mindset and restrictions of my family and also about what the outcome will be but despite everything, I just want to tell you all this once. I want you to know this even if it doesn’t culminate into anything further or even if we stop talking altogether because I can’t consider you to be a friend of mine anyways.

A Confession Of Love

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